With over 60 years of combined experience, JR Attorneys Incorporated is a trusted name in the field of Labour and Employment Law. Our practice offers bespoke, dependable, and innovative solutions to the Labour and Employment Law needs of our clients.

JR Attorneys Incorporated offers an unparalleled dedication to the needs of its clientele with an astute attention to detail. The firm’s philosophy of a holistic and solution driven approach to the practice of law has assisted a great amount of clients, from individual employees to SME’s and large corporate entities, in navigating the complexities of Labour and Employment Law be it through litigation, dispute resolution, compliance and risk analysis, advisory or negotiation.

We offer the following as part of our Labour and Employment Law services:


  • Disciplinary/Incapacity Inquiries;
  • S189 and S189A Retrenchments;
  • Employee grievances;
  • Benefit and Severance claims;
  • Negotiation at Collective bargaining forums;
  • Advisory and representation related to trade union recognition and negotiations;
  • Unfair discrimination and harassment claims;
  • Employment and labour law aspects of all corporate transactions (Section 197 related issues);
  • Employment and labour litigation;
  • All Employment/Workplace policies and procedures;
  • Investigations of workplace issues and allegations;
  • Litigation (in the Magistrates Courts, High Court, Labour Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, Labour Appeals Court, Equality Court, and Constitutional Court);
  • Employment Equity disputes;
  • Privacy law and access to information;
  • Dismissal disputes;
  • Unfair labour practice disputes;
  • Service agreements, fixed/permanent contracts of employment and HR handguides;
  • Protected disclosure claims/disputes and related investigations;
  • Occupational Health and Safety law;
  • Restraint of Trades;
  • Industrial relation disputes and strategies;
  • Essential Services issues/disputes;
  • Legal compliance, risk and advisory on all Labour and Employment Law related issues.
Johanette Rheeder


Johanette Rheeder